Innovate, or become extinct



Nokia humiliated Motorola 13-years ago and became the world’s biggest phone vendor.. 4-years ago, they ignored the iOS and continued intimacy with the decayed Symbian OS.. Just like BlackBerry, making a news OS to rival either iOS or Android was a bigger task than ending the war in Syria. Nokia and BlackBerry have been consumed! They are no where to be found in the top-10 smartphones. No innovation, No creativity…

This is so because they decided to stick with an old and discredited business philosophy while Samsung and the highly rated Apple took the risk that opened the new world order of smartphones.

The point is this; never let your comfort zone deceive you, mega companies have been deceived and got lost in their line of businesses. You are not special! No one is indispensable!

As an individual:

1. Continue to research and buy books. Improve your intellect. Expand your knowledge. Don’t stop learning. If you do, you start decaying.

2. Don’t stop providing solutions. Immediately you stop being a problem-solver, you become irrelevant, and nobody wants to associate with someone that’s got nothing to offer.

As a business:

1. Innovate. Invest in Research and Development. If you have a start-up that is great today, constantly improve it.

2. Think of new ideas. If you cannot think of new ideas, improve the existing ones.

3. Know what the market wants. They are your lifeline. If you cannot satisfy their ever growing needs, they will not feed you, and you will die a natural death.

Learn from Motorola.

Learn from Nokia.

Learn from Blackberry.


Employ my 70-30 approach. 70% of your income goes back to your business, 10% to God (yes God because the God-factor is most important in your life), 10% for savings and the other 10% to grow your mind with “good” books

Later on, you can begin to alter the percentage. If you have a business and you keep consuming all your revenue, sooner or later, you would become irrelevant!

Thanks to Nosa E. Nosa for inspiring this


TUTORIAL: Stop those annoying “Sent from my Blackberry” signatures

Most times we use our smartphones to send emails, and sometimes our work emails are configured on these devices. In the era of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), this is usually the case. We can now reply emails on the go, and offer support and assistance from the comfort of our homes. This is a great idea, but there is a slight annoyance that smartphone users usually ignore, and since, to me, it has become an issue of concern, I have to speak my mind.

The “Sent from my mobile device”  I see on most emails I receive these days is increasingly becoming annoying. In fact, according to, it is the worst email annoyance you should avoid, and I certainly agree. Continue reading

A Portable, yet Graphical way to PING

Network Utility

Network Utility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you are a Blackberry user, and you see the topic of this post, what first comes to mind? Blackberry Messenger? Well, you’re wrong today, because this is the traditional PING. In fact, graphical ping – getting more out of ping.



According to, a PING (short for Packet INternet Groper) is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer. Okay, that’s a mouthful. A ping is simply used to check whether another computer on a network is alive and reachable, just like saying hello and expecting a reply. So in Blackberry terms, a ping is just like telling someone hello. [You can compare this to a Facebook Poke]. Continue reading

I’ve been away, yes, but i’m back

I know i’ve been away for too long; apologies for that. I’ve been pretty occupied by too many things in the last few weeks. Lots to study, and lots of work to do I must say. But notwithstanding, I owe us all something new, don’t I?

Well, over the last few weeks, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of information . Hmm, maybe that’s why Garret Camp, co-founder of StumbleUpon called their idea StumbleUpon, because the best kinds of information are usually “stumbled upon”.

Ok, you might be wondering what and what caught my attention so much so that I was away for so long. I am African, and I love my continent. I love my country Nigeria, and I’m proud to be black. I suggest you go get a copy of Quentin Tarantino’s movie – Django Unchained – if you’re Black BUT NOT proud. I was also proud of the classic “A billion reasons to believe in Africa” video on Youtube. Reinvigorated my belief in myself, in my country and in my continent. I LOVE YOU AFRICA.

Continue reading