When you come crashing like the Nokia 110 Phone

I have a Nokia phone – model 110, and like other 110 models, when you take off the battery (and the SIM card), after some time, it loses power to the clock, meaning if you recouple the phone, you will need to set the time again. Now for someone that has no other time piece, it really gets frustrating to have to set the time when I have no wristwatch to use as reference. Yes, really annoying.
It so happened this morning what while I was walking home, I threw the phone up expecting to catch it (a bad habit of mine), unfortunately I couldn’t catch it well enough, and the phone came crashing on the floor, to different pieces. Quickly picking up, I hurriedly coupled it back together, silently praying that the time does not reset to zero since I had no reference time to set it with.
Lo and behold, when I powered the phone back on, it was back, exactly how it was when it fell! It was as if nothing happened to it!
Then the spirit said to me, son, do you know you are like this mobile phone?
As a child of God, you are to be constantly connected to the source of your power, your spiritual battery – Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit. Your spiritual clock constantly ticks upwards, towards more power, more grace, more souls won, and more anointing. The moment you sin against God, you fall, to pieces, like the mobile phone.
That is why you feel remorse, a sense of guilt, the misery of being alone all by yourself, with no help in sight. Your clock of increased anointing stops ticking, and there is a danger of reset. This clock is now in danger of completely crashing.
Remember however, that it is only in DANGER OF CRASHING. It has not actually crashed. Not until you remain in your state of misery that your clock really resets. There is always that grace period, like the mobile phone, that little time you have, to “pick up the pieces together, recouple them and repower the phone”. The very minute window of grace to “Return to Me quickly”, to take up your broken bones, and live again.
This grace period, be aware, varies from person to person. Miriam and Aaron angered God by speaking against Moses, but, same event, same action, and Miriam’s grace was, unlike Aaron, very small, and she was punished instantly with leprosy. Aaron on the other hand, got his punishment much later (he never saw the Promised Land). You may join others to commit sin but your grace may not be big enough to receive mercy when you sin, and at the end you may be the only one to get punished for the sin of others.
This is a warning, and an encouragement.
A warning in the sense that,
1. Strive all you can, not to sin against God because your punishment may be immediate, like Uzzah the Levite, touching the ark of God, and receiving the punishment on the spot.
2. If you fall, return quickly, because your clock may reset, and you may have to start over, with pains and much suffering. Experience may have told you already how difficult it could get, repeating a course, or restarting a race previously run.
But, do not be discouraged. Yes you fell, but do not settle in your misery. Get up quickly! If you return quickly, your full “regalia” could be restored and you may not have to start the clock over. As soon as the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, get up immediately! Repent, confess, and forsake that sin right away! Give no space to the Devil to make you stay at that point, exposing you to the dangers of disconnect from your power source. Remember that grace is always there, waiting for you to return; ready to receive you with open arms, with your heavenly treasure ready to be reclaimed.
You do not necessarily have to start over when you fall; like my Nokia 110, you can continue where you stopped, no matter how hard you came crashing.

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