Prayer: My silent letter to God

Dear Lord,
I know I am one of the most disappointing sons you’ve ever adopted.
I know I’ve failed you many more times than even the devil has planned.
That’s why I am shocked at why you still love me this much.
There is absolutely no reason for you to bless me,
No rationale to prosper me,
Except that you love me for nothing.

I reap where I never sowed
I receive outstanding results where I did not work hard enough
Even when I did nothing, something more than expected comes out of it

I wish I could at least live up to YOUR expectation, plans and purpose for my existence
I wish I could repay You for the past alone
Let alone the present, or future.
I am forever indebted to you dear Lord

Even if you do nothing more for me from now till I breathe my last breath
What you have done is more than enough to try and reciprocate
You are God
And I am yours

All I ask
is that I fulfil
Not my aspirations
But your purpose
Not my will
But Yours be done



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