Is he really born again?

Sunday school in progress – discussion about being born again, the teacher asks “Who here is not born again?” A young man puts up his hands. I am shocked at his boldness to do this, then she says to us all, “Everyone please bow down your heads, close your eyes, and say this prayer with me:
Lord Jesus
I come to you
I acknowledge I am a sinner
I come to you with your sins
Forgive me
Accept me as your child
I repent of my sins
I will not go back to them again
I am now born again
In Jesus’ name I pray

After this prayer, she says to the young man “Sir, from now on, you are born again”

My question here is,


One thought on “Is he really born again?

  1. Well at the end of a Sunday school lesson if the teacher weaves the question into the lesson for the day in such a way that the child can relate the call to salvation and the story then his/ her decision to become born again will be out of conviction. The child can then be led in a sinners prayer like above and yes the meaning of being “born again ” should be explained so that he does not think he has to become born again multiple times.
    Bottom line it all depends on how the question was weaved. If it is exactly as above then there is no conviction on the part if the child…..the born again experience is therefore questionable.

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