Was the fall of Man the fault of Eve, or of Adam?

Looking back at the fall of man, the garden of Eden, we are made to believe, that the woman Eve was the cause of the problems of all mankind; that she is to blame for all our sins today.
We are made to believe that every evil in existence in the world today was because one woman could not hold her urge for a simple forbidden fruit.
But looking critically at this scenario, I believe Adam was also at fault for Eve’s fall.

I’ve asked these questions again and again, and it draws me to these conclusions, that Adam, in fact, should be the major cause for Eve’s fall, and invariably, the fall of mankind.
Where was Adam when the serpent was talking to Eve, trying to con her to do that one thing that would forever implicate all humanity?
Maybe he was too busy studying science, working on the next nomenclature for the newly discovered specie in the garden of Eden.
Or maybe he was too busy preparing the garden of Eden for their next meeting with God.
The woman was created to be a helper for the man, wasn’t she?
Why then were they separated when the tempter came around?
Where was Adam?

I strongly believe that if he was there with Eve, or if he took her along with him at all times, the coup d’etat plot of the Evil One would have been a total failure.
I strongly believe, that fall was already set in motion when the Devil successfully separated man and woman; the moment he successfully nullified the veracity of that statement “and the two shall become one flesh”

Maybe the garden was too big for them to always be physically together, but the real separation was not the physical gap between Adam and Eve, but the difference in thinking.
Adam was taught DIRECTLY BY GOD that tree of life was forbidden, but did he pass this message in its entirety to the bone of his bones?
Did he train his wife to think like him, act like him, reason like him?
After each fellowship with God in the cool of the day, did he sit his wife down and make sure that they are on the same page concerning the teaching of the Lord Most High?
Or was he too occupied with his duties of taking DOING GOD’S ASSIGNMENT, that he forgot to take care of HIS RESPONSIBILITY?
Even if the woman was probably “too slow to learn”, or behind in knowledge, isn’t she his responsibility to make sure she is developed to his level of understanding?
Why leave her to wander idly in the garden while he “brings home the bacon”?

Adam succeeded in all business, he was the most successful creature in history, but his failure in family eventually brought to nought all his excellence.
He failed when he neglected his responsibility.
He failed when he neglected the place of the woman in the family –  by his side at all times.
The woman was taken out of the side of man. Thus she should be at his side all the time, for only then, is he complete.

Worse still, he blamed God for giving him the woman. He blamed God for helping him! Imagine the insult! He blamed God for his own personal failures!
Therefore my brother, she is your responsibility. To nuture, to care for, to bring her up to your level.
If you attend business cocktail parties and you are not proud of taking her along, then you are on your way to failure already.
Train her if necessary. If she needs an education, make it your priority. If she needs a job or a small-scale business to get to your level of enterprise, by all means provide.
Her job is not to raise children. Sorry if I shocked you by saying this.
Her job is to HELP YOU. I’ll say it again. She was created to help you.
The duty of raising children is BOTH OF YOU, not her alone.

The Fall of Man

The Fall of Man

So, stop blaming the female folk for the world’s problems. It is a defeatist mindset. Face your responsibilities, and these problems will be long forgotten.

Yours in Christ,
Kelechi Emenike



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