My physical aspirations versus God’s will

Thinking about this concept of vision, and trying to marry it with my spiritual assignment Mark 16:15.

I know, that without a clear vision of the future, my life would only be run in circles. But each time I sit to “plan my life”, there is that lingering question – What exactly is God’s plan for my life?
As children of God, we are many times being hindered from planning our futures because we “leave everything to God”. I have come to understand, that God wants only one thing, and that desire is clearly spelt out in the gospel according to Mark, chapter 16 verse 15: Go Ye.
This is our spiritual assignment. This is our spiritual vision.

This brings me to new knowledge – that I can make those plans I desire to make, without being hindered by the possibility that I am going contrary to the “will of God”, so long I am carrying out the “spiritual assignment”. Therefore I can become a doctor, lawyer, or a professor of whatever discipline I want (or even all of the above), so long I am carrying out this assignment He desires of me.

Then there arises another factor – the concept of direction. I believe also that the good Lord wants us to have the best that the world has to offer, and to have this we need to be strategically located at a particular position in life – the right place at the right time. Therefore, I may want to be the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria tomorrow, but the best that life has to offer me lies in the art of pottery.

How then do I reconcile, my desires to that of the Holy Father?

I probably would do whatever I want, achieve all I want to achieve on earth, not forgetting my SPIRITUAL ASSIGNMENT, make it to heaven, and even at His right hand, He would remind me, “Son, congratulations. But you really would have done better”. This means I would have been able to still fulfil my desires on earth, and make it to eternal glory.

The question is, is this possible?

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