MTN Ultimate Wonder Promo: Truth or Scam – Opinion

Ok friends, it’s been a long while I came here. I’m really sorry, I’ve been busy, grandmother’s burial plans, Programming exam preparation and a 16-hour-per-day job is not an easy combination. You should give me kudos, right?

Well, I came not to speak of my super-tight schedule, but of something that sparked my interest. If you are a Nigerian, and living in Nigeria, you must have heard of the MTN Nigeria WonderPlane promo – a promo that promises to give out an aircraft to a lucky winner. When I first saw it a few months ago, i laughed my guts out in disbelief. It was said to be the joke of the year. “How could a network provider that could not make your service fly well promise to make you fly?”, a friend said amidst laughs.


To my utmost disbelief, I got a news broadcast on my smartphone (PremiumTimesNigeria thank you very much) that one Ebube Essien-Garricks was the winner of the wonder plane. Wow! Another twist to the scam, I told myself. Now it’s all over social media, scam scam scam… Why would a company promise something that is visibly false? Take a quick look at the comment extracts from her facebook page (and did I forget to tell you that this page was created a few days ago, with another picture! More on that shortly)…

Ebube Essien-Garricks, MTN Wonder Promo winner

Thank God Nigerians haven’t been fooled by this. Na when she win the aeroplane she come remember say she no dey fb abi? She come join fb overnite. Gush! MTN is really insulting our intelligence. Aeroplane indeed! The next prize na spaceship. And it is not only MTN that is into these fraudulent promos. A milk company wud promise a trip to England, a fruit juice company wud promise an SUV. Mtchew.GLO would say 500 cars. Na wa. .. Nneka O.

MTN is teachin Nigerian youths hw 2 practice 419.. Success K. D.

MTN Scam!!!……yesterday you guys opened fb account for Ebube Essien-Garricks and a fanpage and now after all the yabbinz the fb account is gone, u didn’t plan the game well…you should have spoken to mark zuck to help u back date the account and most painful part is that EFCC will not see this kind of corporate scam in the name of fooling intelligent Nigerians SMH for Naija! Akerele L. A.

Mtn has deactivated d other Fbk Account dey created wth dis Name yesd…. Where is d Photo of yesd? Was it removed so dat we won’t notice d difference in d 2 Pics? We also noticed it so much… Chika H.

To view these comments and more, take a walk to her faceook page (supposedly created by MTN Nigeria)

Alright, enough said.

I need still say a little more though (grin).


They say she’s a student of College of Health, UNIPORT, right? How come no one has come out to butress that info? No friends, no family?

No account???

How come she had no page prior to yesterday (13/11/2012)? People that exist on facebook at least have a facebook account, and at least a few friends, most especially 27- year old girls.

Who is the real Ebube now???

A page was initially opened for her, and after a lot of abuses rained on them, the page was changed, and a different picture used… Another pointer to the scam. Thanks to Google image caching, I have a picture of the old “Ebube Essien-Garricks”


Log on to facebook ( to see the new Ebube, and please tell me if there is no clear difference between that and the cached version.

Need I say more???

And, please who is this young man beside her in the picture?



May I ask a question. Where is the regulatory commission (NCC) and what are they doing about this? Please NCC do something. Investigations are necessary to ascertain the validity of these claims.

I’ve talked too much already, I’m back to work.

Feel free to air your views, both for or against. I would be very grateful if you do.

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