Modem unlock – Huawei E303, E357, E369

The latest available modem (in the Nigerian market) is the Huawei E300 series. Since these modems need to be unlocked to enable them usable with other networks providers, the E300 series modems have become the most troublesome modems today. 

Unlike the older Huawei modems that could be unlocked by using a code generator (readily available online), these brand of modems cannot be code-generated. Therefore if you have a modem of this type, you will need to follow these steps to unlock the modem


Required:  LoginPlus. You can download this at


Extract the zipped files and run the executable


Log in with the following details

For Huawei Modem:
Login: LEVEL5
Pass: 12122012

For Others (Alcatel, Motorola, BlackBerry, ZTE, Pantech)
Login: user@test
Pass: password

Fill in the other details as provided


Happy surfing!!!



Disclaimer: The software is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Usage of this information for any other purpose is at your own risk. Thank you.


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