Have you been scammed by PayToClick sites? The SOLUTION

The thread topic says it all… I don’t know whether posting it here is the right place, so I may as well post it in a related section.

Online business is undoubtedly one of the easiest get-rich-quick methods of making money online in this modern age. And for a few decades, there has been Paid To Click (PTC) advertising. PTC is a means by which you can make money from the comfort of your home by simply clicking on advertisments that companies will pay for and you’ll get a commission. The biggest challenge of PTC is that many evil minds have leveraged on the ignorance of many to scam millions of people. I decided however to seek a solution to this problem, and after researching researching, I found it – a method of filtering the true from the false – a scamdetector.

The scam detector I use does periodic pings on various PTC websites to confirm their availability, cross checks payout to members and confirms legitimacy of their feedback and forum system. And so far, it has been working quite well.

I can therefore recommend a few PTC websites you may want to use if you no longer want to be scammed by the smart peeps online.

The one I use personally >> earneasycash.info. You can register here [url]http://www.earneasycash.info/index.php?ref=hackomania[/url]
There’s also buxP, scarlet-clicks etc…

Check below the proof…. someone received his 131th payment from the site.


Last words: Please read the terms and conditions of every PTC site. Since it is money you are making, you’ll need to study every agreement in detail. Happy money-making!!!
Yours truly


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