River turning to blood? (Yangtze River, China)

It is quite surprising that the Golden River, one of the world’s largest river (the 3rd largest in fact), is now red in colour. On reading this news, I remember the biblical Moses’ face-off with Pharaoh somewhere in the book of Exodus. One morning the Egyptians came out to discover that the largest river in the history of Africa, the Nile, had turned to blood; undrinkable and uninhabitable. Fishes died, irrigation ceased; the only water source of the world’s (arguably) biggest civilization was gone, plunging the nation into chaos and penury.

It was a lesson to show the Egyptians the other side of a merciful God, for enslaving God’s firstborn – Israel, subjecting them to hard labour and for the massacre of their sons.

Taking a look at the Yangtze river’s colour change, one cannot help but imagine a few things. Reports are that officials are yet to determine the cause of the colour change, and it all seems a mystery. The question therefore persists: Is there some sort of spiritual explanation for this? Is their “God” angry with them?

We can only wait for the results of ongoing investigations and hope the beautiful river regains her colour again.


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