FLASHBACK: Childhood soccer balls

Did you ever play soccer, especially when you were a child? Do you remember the types of balls we had then? You probable only know their local names. In my childhood, there was the ‘champion’ – the white one usually for tabble tennis; ‘ailand’ – a hairy ball with a lot of bounce that we used for the opoular ‘Oyo’ game; ‘egg’ – just like the Champion, but stronger and with less bounce; ‘felele’ – the common soccer ball with a lot of bounce; ‘kaka’ – similar to the felele, but stronger; and a lot of others.

Have you then bothered to ask yourself these questions;

1. What are the name of these balls?
Champion – ________________________
Ailand – ____________________________
Egg – ______________________________
Felele – ____________________________
Kaka – _____________________________
And a host of others

I remember we used to “cook” the felele then, so that they could be stronger, but smaller, and more durable.
2. What is the feature of the felele that makes it different from a kaka? And this “cooking”, how can it be scientifically explained?

I sure had a great childhood, how about you?


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