Opinion: How did you spend your holiday?

The average Nigerian sees every public holiday as an opportunity to get out of workplace “stressful” conditions, and engage in other activities. To some, it’s perfect for family a get-together; to some, an all-night partying and spending spree. Some use the opportunity to drink to stupor, some for orgies that can send shivers down your spine. To some, it’s time to visit every friend in the neighbourhood, and for the introverts, a time to spend in the calm and comfort of solitude.
Since, to end the Islamic end of Ramadan fast, there was a 2-day holiday this week, I decided to follow the visiting group – I had not seen some friends for some time. On second thought, I decided instead to do a network-growing visit to some “helpers”, make a few calls and schedule at least 2 meetings.
I couldn’t leave my friends out anyway, So I had to strike a balance between both. And I needed a long rest as well, so the plan was: 1st day, sleep as long as your eyes can remain closed, 2nd day, visit one person, entertain a friend at home. Not a bad plan, is it?

(To bt continued)

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