REVIEW: Schedule future tweets – Twuffer

Sometimes I tweet and tweet and tweet, that  realise my followers certainly need a break. Sometimes there’s information I want to pass across, but now may not just be the right time to do it. Funny enough, when the “right time” comes, I forget to post that tweet, maybe because I am too busy, my mobile network provider decides to become unresponsive (happens a lot where I am from), or whatever unforeseen circumstance comes up. Then I thought to myself, “Maybe I can post that tweet now, and it doesn’t really gets posted now, but later in the future.”

Now,I’m pretty sure many twitter purists will want to punch me in the face and say that all of this goes against the “real time” nature of twitter. True as it may be, there are times I need to post future tweets, and I cannot just wait till the future, you know…

Here comes TWUFFER, an innovation by @GradBritton to take care of my headache

Though I do not recommend twuffer for ALL conversations (it diminishes the conversational nature of twitter if you do everything with twuffer), just head over to and sign in with your twitter account, simple.

You can change your time zone to reflect your current location and even make your tweets visible on the homepage if you please.

If you are looking for a simple, no-need-to-sign-up, web based “tweeter”, @GradyBritton‘s Twuffer may just be good enough.

There are lots of other applications that can be downloaded to achieve the same purpose (HootSuite, SocialOomph, CoTweet, Twaitter, FutureTweets etc) but this is as simple and easy as it gets.


And lest I forget, It still has the 140-character restriction and no URL shorteners, so don’t try tweeting a whole book just yet

Good luck tweeting


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