Opinion: Deliverance

What is your view on Deliverance?

Looked up the word “deliverance” in a search engine, and guess what, I didn’t get a definition in the first three results! Decided to change the search terms to “deliverance definition” and finally, I get what I want.

According to the first result, deliverance means “an action of being rescued or set free. Set Free. That’s the codeword. The question arises; what exactly is the “setting free” for? What am I being set free from?

Just as those that are well need no doctor, the free need no deliverance. There is no need to be free if I am not in bondage, if I’m not in captivity, I need no deliverer. If I’m in the light, I don’t need light. No one needs a candle under the sun since he can already see. Why light the fire when there is no need for light? Only those in the dark need light – If they know that there is a light.

Hmmm, interesting isn’t it? I can always remain in darkness, forever and ever – so long i don’t know how the light looks like. I can always remain in ignorance, till I receive information.

This means that, there are different forms of captivity. There’s one of the mind, one of the pocket, one of the spirit, one of the body, one of the government, etc. But right now I’m interested in captivity as is understood by christians – the kind of captivity that makes Christians go to “see a prophet”, fast for 3, 7, 21, or even 40 days at a stretch. What makes us go to see a prophet, or native doctor, or spiritual cleric for deliverance? What is that thing, we crave so much freedom from?

I may not know what Islamic holy books say about deliverance, but the Holy Bible is clear about captivity – It exists, and deliverance is necessary. But what kind of captivity does the bible speak of?

…To be continued

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