Tribute to you my 2go friend

Its over. I’ve finally signed out of 2go, though under painful circumstances. I still feel like kicking myself, but its life, sacrifices must be made, to move forward.

I must first say why I did what I did, to remove all my friends. I kinda believe its the best way to be free from the unholy grip of 2go. As most know, I may be the fastest growing 2go star, maybe apart from the trivia freakazoids
There are people I’ll really miss their company, friends that if not for this application I’ve decided to quit, not because of them, but because of my unholy attachment to it, I may never have met;
Nancy Iyanam, bubble girl, graduate of Fisheries and Aquaculture, UNICAL, luv doctor, someone I’ll always remember for her good sense of humour
Her “fiance” Dannyboi; graduate of MADONNA Uni, PH, Microbiology; great man in the making. I wonder how he manages to study two different courses. That’s what I call determination to excel
Her sister Rebecca Iyanam; Nice girl, intelligent and serious with her books, graduate Microbiology, MADONNA Uni, PH
Pamela, my Berra girl, graduate, Journalism, MADONNA Uni. I just hope she overcomes the difficult challenge, even though she calls it a problem.
Eunice, Bauchi, never giving away her body for anything in the world, I hope she keeps it till wedding night
Peace aka emyspark aka she devil aka lady white, trivia winch, statistician, UNIUYO, she should still have those “snakes” around, so dont get too close.
Uwem, my fellow trivia brother, hope he and his gurl finally end up together forever. At least that’s the ultimate of every relationship, right?
Princess Ada, priestlyada, Sociologist, UNN, always making sure I;ve eaten something. I hope she gets the job
Chantelle, omo Bayelsa to’n so Yoruba, Noni Queen
Success Amara, success300, MassComm fr3sher, IMSU, dewdrop in my garden, least words said, most felt. There is love anywhere, even in 2go, all it takes is mutual understanding and trust. I cant 4get u, no matter how hard I try
Bayo Adeyemi, adeyemi499, civilian, FUTArian, man of God, awheezy, his roommate, man of God, we shall see one of these days at the province. Regards to pops, Pastor Ayoola
Asikoko, kokonma, sexy Sunday, Barrister, UNICAL, she’ll never agree she’s a fresher though.
My precious Ginny, how can I leave out? I’ll still luv u as I always have
Ifenna, one time bolori man, one time, UNIMAID student, no thanks to Boko Haram, trivia legend
Slimgiant, trivia kingmaker, IMSU brother. I never even asked him for is name. Disappointing of me
Oyahnow, Sokoto kid. Too busy with trivia to hang out
Suara, dsuaraikboy, One time trivia champion

And to my pre-2go pals, Zigbytes, Alvic, Joemoni, Chibuzz, Chikodi, Nancy Anurika, Inyene, Vivian Colleth, Dinma, TopeMike, Biniman, Pascool, Lanre Salvador, You’re not forgotten.

Oh Gawd dis list is just too long, I’ve gotta stop now before I lose my fingers
There many left out, not because they don’t mean a lot to me, but because there’s not enough words to express them.

I’ll take permission to borrow the lyrics of the songwriter…

My quest ends here…


One thought on “Tribute to you my 2go friend

  1. I am removing all my friends because it have being long time i chat with them,so some of my friends get angry and removed me nw i want 2 open new account 4 new friends,so sorry 4 d incoviences

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