A little how-do on WEP hacking

This is a comprehensive, yet noob-friendly tutorial on how to hack wireless networks using Windows. For Linux users, I believe there abound a lot of tools for you to use, but this is Windows only. I tested it on my network so I can assure you that it works.

Tools needed:
CommView for WiFi
Aircrack-ng 1.1

1.Install CommView for WiFi and run it
2.Click on “Play” icon, a new window should pop up. Click on “Start Scanning”

3.The network you are interested in should show up. You can now click on “Stop Scanning”

4.You need to save the captured packets. Click on Settings>Options>Memory Usage. Change “Maximum Packets in Buffer” to 20000. Then OK

5.Click on the “Logging “Tab, Check “Auto Saving”. In the “Maximum Directory Size”: 2000 “Average Log File”: 20

6.CommView will start saving packets in the .ncp format in chunks of 20Mb. You now need to concatenate the logs. Still on the “Logging” tab, click on “concatenate Logs”

7.Next, we convert the single .ncf file in to .cap format so that aircrack can deal with it. Click on File>Log Viewer>Load CommView Logs. Choose the .ncf file. Then File>Export>Wireshark/TCP dump format
8.Now open the Aircrack folder>Bin>Aircrack-NG GUI.exe (hope you still remember aircrack you downloaded). Choose the .cap file and finish the rest.
Final note: This works for only WEP enabled networks (I doubt if any secured wireless network near your area does not use WEP ). Yours,


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