What a boss.

In my country, a black nation Nigeria, it is expected that people treat their superiors with utmost respect. Well, that is a norm everywhere. But in 9ja here, we tend to take it too far. It is expected of the junior to even clean the superior’s boots (that’s if possible). Even in the corporate environment, some people carry the bags of their superiors to their office. I once had a boss that does that every morning to his superior. I did it once myself, even though he did tell me before I actually did it. It feels crazy to me, though some people may call it arrogance.

This morning I decided to play along like they do and carry my IT Manager’s bag. “Hey, stop that,” he told me immediately. “Don’t you know that the only difference between me and you is opportunity?” I tell you, I was shocked. I still find it hard to believe that someone still thinks like the West.

Conclusion is, I learnt an important lesson today…



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